Frequently asked questions

Where is our office located?

We are located at 74 North Road East, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 6AL. We have a classical VW beetle at the front!

Do you supply accommodation to non-students?

Yes, we do provide self-contained properties to working-class/ non-students. We class these as residential properties.

What are the upfront payments for students?

We ask for a £50.00 advance rent payment when applying for your room, and then an additional £200.00 advance rent payment within 7 days, both amounts will be deducted from your first installment of rent.

What are the upfront payments on your non-student properties?

A deposit is required within 7 days of applying for your property. The deposit will be held in the Deposit Protection Scheme. The deposit cost varies depending on the level of property.

How much deposit do I pay as a student?

We do not ask for a deposit for our student properties, however, we do ask for a UK-based home-owning guarantor.

What if I’m a student, without a UK-based home-owning guarantor?

If you’re not able to provide a UK-based home-owning guarantor, we will require the rent to be paid in full in advance. The dates of payment can be discussed on application. There are also companies that we work with, that allow you to pay them a small amount, and in return, they’ll act as your guarantor. IE Housing Hand.

What are the lengths of your contracts?

Our contracts are set for a 50-week period for student properties. A very limited amount of our student properties offer shorter contracts, these will be made clear upon application. Residential property contracts are periodic agreements that are set for 6 months, and then monthly roll.

As a student with you, what does my weekly rent cover/include?

We call our weekly students rent rates "all-inclusive" because they cover you for:

Gas, Water & Electric (We do have an over usage policy in place)
Communal TV license

How do I apply for a room/house with you?

To reserve a room/house with us, all you need to do is complete an application form and pay your relevant advance rent payment. This is usually done in the office, but if you aren’t able to make it into the office, we can do the application via email as long as you have access to a printer and scanner. The advance rent payment can then be paid via online banking/over the phone.

How often do I pay rent?

Rent payments for students are collected termly. This coincides with student finance payments. For our residential properties, rent is paid monthly.

How do I pay my rent?

We have a tab on our website headed "How To Pay", this page provides you with our bank details, so you can pay rent via BACs or electronic transfer directly to us. This is our preferred method. When you make a payment, you’ll be asked for a "payment reference", please ensure you put your "first initial & second name" as the payment reference because this is the only way we can match the payment arriving with us, to your upcoming rent. The "How To Pay" page on our website, also provides other methods you can use to pay your rent with us if the preferred one isn’t possible.

Can I hang things on my walls?

This is prohibited in the contract. However, should this be ignored, you will be held responsible for any damage that may occur, and the cost of repairing the damage caused.

I am locked out of my room, can someone let me in?

If it is inside of office hours, then you can be let in free of charge. If it is outside of office hours, there is a charge of £50 up to 10pm, and then a £75 charge thereafter and on Sundays. The price for this service on a bank holiday is £125. This is chargeable for any out-of-hours callout due to tenants' actions. If it is an out-of-hours callout due to something within the property, the callout will not be the tenant's responsibility.

My bulb isn’t working in my room, but the office is closed. Shall I contact the emergency line?

An emergency is a situation that requires immediate attention, IE water leaking, loss of power etc. A bulb not working, bad Wi-Fi, etc are not emergencies, and therefore will not justify out-of-hours attendance.

Below are X3 maintenance guide videos that we’ve had put together to help with our X3 most commonly asked maintenance FAQ’s:

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