Legal Information & Disclaimer

  • Registered Office: 74 North Road East, Plymouth, PL4 6AL.
  • Company Registration: 8575847
  • Trading Office: 74 North Road East, Plymouth, PL4 6AL.
  • Company Name: Student Choice Plymouth Limited
  • VAT Number: 228 9489 55

How To Pay Rent:

Account Name: Student Choice Plymouth
Building Society: Lloyds - 8 Royal Parade Branch, Plymouth, PL1 1DS
Account Number: 23668142
Sort Code: 40-36-22
Please ensure you put your first initial and surname as the reference when making payments.

Terms & Conditions

Deposit - No deposits will be charged for student properties however in the event you are a residential tenant and the landlord has requested a deposit this will be stated clearly on the advert. When a deposit is paid it will be submitted and held with the Deposit Protection Scheme.

Advance Rent for Students - An advance rent payment of £250.00 will be required, this is taken off your first term’s rent instalment. £50 will be required when submitting your application form and the remaining £200 within 7 days of completion of your application form, along with your signed tenancy agreement. If you withdraw from the agreement thereafter, the £250 will not be refunded if you require Student Choice Plymouth to re-let your room, unless the landlord fails to grant your tenancy.

Securing a property - After applying and paying the first instalment of advance rent, the property will be taken off the market for 7 days, giving us time to carry out all necessary checks and time to create your tenancy agreement. Please be aware that the property will not be secure unless the application form and the £50.00 advance rent has been paid. Should you be applying for a property as a group and if for any reason a member/s of the group withdraws, we withhold the right to remarket the whole property.

Tenancy Length – For our student properties, the majority of our tenancy agreements are 50 weeks starting from the 1st of September. A small selection of our properties may have a shorter tenancy length available, this information will be made available upon application.

Tenancy Agreement - Once you have successfully been accepted as a tenant we will require you to sign an Assured Short Hold tenancy agreement which will be for a fixed period making you and your guarantor equally liable for the full term specified. Please note that the Land Lord reserves the right to void any tenancy up until the start date.

Guarantor - Guarantors will be subject to necessary checks and all student tenancies will require a guarantor unless other arrangements have been made with the landlord, such as the full year of rent paid up-front. Our requirements to be guarantor is a UK based home-owner over the age of 18. As acting guarantor, you will be equally liable to the tenancy agreement and are required to return all relevant paperwork within 7 days upon receipt.

Ending your tenancy early or before you move in – Ending your tenancy early or before you move in – If you have signed your tenancy agreement and wish to move out before the end date or before it has started you are liable for payment of the rent until a replacement tenant is found to take over your tenancy which will then end your liability. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that a replacement tenant will be found, and therefore this should be taken into account before making your decision to sign your tenancy agreement or choosing to leave.

Bills - The landlord will supply an allowance contribution towards the utilities which will include gas, electric, water & communal TV license. With properties which are non-inclusive of bills the tenants will be liable to pay. These properties inclusive of bills are stated clearly on the property advert.

Broadband - With an all-inclusive property, broadband will be supplied however standard of service, supplier, compatibility with your equipment and speed may vary as a result, Student Choice Plymouth will not be held liable.

Council Tax - All full-time students will be exempt from paying council tax, however if you drop out from your studies mid-term and are no longer a full-time student you will be liable to pay council tax.

Keys - The tenant is responsible for ensuring that they look after the keys for the property throughout the tenancy. If they fail to do so, they will be responsible for covering the reasonable costs of replacement. This cost is £10.00 per key, however, depending on the entry system to your property/room/flat prices may vary.

Emergency call out - If you have a genuine emergency, please call our office line on 01752 262 222 and follow the step by step instructions to get guidance. If you need immediate assistance which is not a result of the property conditions then please seek advice and contact the correct emergency services. We hope that housemates can determine a genuine emergency and contact the correct person.

Lock Outs – If you are locked out and need our assistance to enter the property, a call out charge of £50 will be issued. This charge increases to £75 for callouts between 10.00pm and 7.00 am and on Sundays and £125 on a bank holiday. Alternately you can make your own arrangements to gain entry with a third party such as a locksmith but you will be liable for any damage caused.

Other call outs – If you call us out for an issue caused as a result of your misuse or negligence a call out charge of £50 will be issued. This charge increases to £75 for callouts between 10.00pm and 7.00am and on Sundays, and £125 on a bank holiday. Alternately you can make your own arrangements with a third party.

Photography and images - The photography/images used on the pages of our website are typical of our accommodation and belong to Student Choice Plymouth. For further information regarding what furniture and appliances are in the property, please refer to the description and features section of the property advert. For new properties that are in the process of being built, computer-generated images or examples from previous renovations may be used to best represent what the properties will look like on completion. Property plans can be subject to change during the renovation period.

Property Redress Scheme - We are a member of the Property Redress Scheme who are in place as an escalated complaints procedure and should be contacted if you are unhappy with how the complaint has been dealt with by us.

Smoking – Smoking is not prohibited in any of our properties. If housemates/associates are caught smoking, they can face on the spot fines of £50.00.

Property insurance – In most cases, our landlords will have building insurance, but this does not cover tenants contents. This is something that can be organised upon request.

Client Money Protection – Student Choice Plymouth is a member of the UKALA and is certified by the Client Money Protection Scheme.

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